Why Is Balayage Hair Color Popular At Hair Salons?

Hair color trends change from time to time. The balayage hair color became the hottest trend of the 90s, and it is popular with hair stylists even today. The balayage hair color is trendy, and celebrities got attracted to the shade that gives a blended and natural look to the hair. The best thing is that it is a freehand hair color technique that offers a natural look to your hair without making the regrowth prominent. Professional hairdressers follow this hair color technique at professional hair salons. This technique inspired professional hairdressers from every corner of the world. The results are more attractive with balayage hair because this technique uses freehand without any foil.

What is balayage hair color?

‘Balayage’ is derived from a French word that means “sweeping.” This hair color technique uses freehand, giving a natural blended look. Professional salons today make use of this technique and satisfy their clients. These days you must have seen the celebrities posting their selfies revealing their sun-kissed balayage hair. The balayage hair got immense popularity because they are different from the traditional highlights. If you are the one who wants to avoid harsh color contrasts, then balayage would be the suitable color for you.

Why is balayage so popular?

The immense popularity of the balayage is because the celebrities opted for this color for the red carpet. Balayage color grabs the attention of people every time. This hair color technique is taught in various professional salons because of its high demand. The balayage color gives you a subtle personality that compliments your facial features.

What is more expensive; balayage or highlights?

The balayage is more expensive than highlights. The reason is that only professional hair salons offer this service. If you are fond of balayage because of its popularity among celebrities, you must look for a renowned hair salon offering balayage services.

Is there any difference between highlights and balayage?

People new to hair coloring must know that highlights are lighter than their base color. The traditional highlights are done with foils. You can highlight your hair to any shade. The balayage is a unique technique to highlight the hair. The greater liking for balayage is that its results are more subtle and natural than the harsh traditional highlights. That’s why the balayage technique is liked by people who are conscious about their hair color and looks.

Will balayage work on grey hair? 

The balayage is suitable for all hair colors and hair lengths. If you have grey hair, then balayage won’t cover them. The balayage will give a subtle blend to natural grey hair. People looking for full coverage of their grey hair can look for any other color but not balayage. However, if you want to look versatile, you can go for balayage, even for your grey hair.

Does balayage need lots of maintenance?

If we talk about balayage maintenance, it requires less maintenance than the traditional hair colors. The balayage lasts for around 3 to 6 months, and it varies from person to person. If you want your balayage to stay longer, you must use high-quality hair care and styling products. The best thing about balayage is that you can refresh this color without opting for an entire top-up. The balayage hair color looks stunning in both light and dark hair colors. The balayage is suitable for all hair lengths, whether you have very short or long hair. You might have seen the celebrities flaunting their textured hair with beach waves. This blended finish hairstyle comes with balayage.

Does balayage cause more hair damage? 

People willing to go for balayage must know that any hair color technique damages the hair. It is more damaging than the traditional hair coloring technique if we talk about balayage. This method uses a higher developer to get the desired results.